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" I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles "
- Audrey Hepburn


best friend getting married

SuperExtraOrdinaryExcited feeling coming out!!!!!

the best-eva-friend getting married tomorrow.. haa diam xdiam tggal esok jew kowt.. owh my! i wonder wht i feel if im in her wedges.. comfirm perasaan double triple million superextraordinaryexcited... hehehe 

were best friend since primary school until now, im already a university student.. owh my! such a very long time and i cant even realise it.. but now i am and i feel like want to cry hardly..  even though ad part yg were not tgether tpi kita still bleyh keep d relation cm bestfriend.. sharing a few things together, suka bagi aku mcm2.. hahaha  i lap u vely d much lah !

sorry xdpt tolong pape with ur wedding thingy, dpt pilihkan baju nikah and comment pasal baju tue jew.. but now theres nothing to cmment sbb baju tue mmg nice gyler! like criusly nice! haaa ur baju sanding also very da bomb, super like it.. all the preparation tht uve done with ur own effort, really super proud with u! owh my, cant wait to see d outcome but ill bet everyone will super adore it.. heeee =D =D =D

wah! im just to excited actually.. smpai nak nanges, sedyh gembira weyh.. mcm mne lah perasaan tgok kau akad nikah and sanding nnti.. pergh! can't imagine it.. jangan aku yang terlebyh nangis dri mak hang dah lah.. but im looking forward to it..

dah jadi isteri orang jangan lupa kat kawan kau yang xpernah nak matang nie taw.. janganlah bertambah payah plak nak jumpa.. ada pape share lah dengan aku taw taw.. nak mintak tolong papew, mintak jew janganlah segan2.. nnti wedding aku nak suh kau yang plan d decoration (hahaha 5 ke 7 thun lagy ah tapi) hahahah 

good luck for saturday babeyh!! love you =) muawhhhxxxx

ucapan pengantin baru????? wait ahhh, lepas dah sah isteri org baru aku berucap.. ;)